Change Adoption Skills Practitioner


Organizational changes happen almost daily: small changes in procedures, implementation of methods such as Agile, DevOps and/or SCRUM, application of new developments from methodologies such as ITIL 4 or the development of new services. And these are just a few examples.

The business operations are focused on Customer eXperience (CX) and User eXperience (UX) and in addition, these operations must be of course efficient and profitable.

But the most important thing is that those who have to adopt the changes, often the end-users, have to keep seeing the forest for the trees and keep having fun in executing their job and smoothly adopt changes.

Improvements invariably require people to change the way they work, their behaviour, and sometimes their role. Regardless of whether the change is to a practice, the structure of the organization, related to technology, or is the introduction of a new or changed service, people are essential to the success of the change.

Changes are often associated with resistance and for those who need to provide and implement the changes, it sometimes seems like a circus act in which many discs must be kept high at the right pace. In order to be successful, you must first of all be interested in human beings and in addition you need to have skills such as structuring the change, communicating effectively and influencing behavior. Once implemented, of course it doesn’t stop because you have to improve continually.


The courses Change Adoption Specialist (CAS) Foundation and Practitioner are aimed at implementing and adopting your organizational changes succesfully.

Target audience

This training is of value to anyone who wants to learn how to cope more effectively with organizational changes and the adoption of these changes.


Knowledge of the content of the training Change Adoption Specialist Foundation is a prerequisite.

Duration of the course and workload

The classroom part of this training lasts 1 day. In addition, you prepare a case and this assignment is assessed by a trainer.

Learning Delivery Method: blended

The classroom training gives you the guarantee that you will be excellently trained by expert, practice-experienced trainers in their field. The training is given on the basis of theory, (group) assignments and practice-related discussions. In this way, knowledge and skills are made concrete and applicable for your practical situation.

Groups size

The maximum group size is 10 people per training course.


To participate actively in a module you will receive a certificate of participation. If all conditions are fulfilled, you will be registered as an Registered Change Adoption Specialist in the ADR register. This registration is free of charge for the first 2 years.

The ADR Register has a sympathetic assessment of the knowledge and skills for registration: you can apply for modules for dispensation based on certificates, not older than 3 years, or by signing off by your company mentor.


In this training the following items are addressed

  • An Introduction to Organizational Behavior Management (0,5 day)
  • An introduction to autism (0,5 day)
  • Assessment of your case. You will receive feedback on this.

Study materials

The study materials include handouts of the presentations and exercises. At the end of a module, these materials will be sent to you via email.


The price of this training course includes a digital version of the slide decks and exercises, a digital certificate of participation and, if all requirements are met, a registration for 2 years in the ADR Register as Registered Change Adoption Specialist. (


This spec sheet contains limited information about the contents of the modules.
Please contact us for more detailed information.