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"Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world."

Soft Skill training

Advisory skills

As a consultant, you are trying to influence or improve a situation without yourself having direct influence on the implementation of your ideas. To get results, it is therefore important that you do the right things at every stage of the advisory process to promote the implementation of your recommendations.

Become a Better Speaker

Many people look up to delivering a presentation sky-high, preferring to speak behind the presentation screen rather than in front of it. Poor preparation and a lack of self-knowledge often stand in the way of performance in this area. During this presentation technique training course, all aspects will be dealt with in order to stand in the spotlight properly and confidently.

Effective Meetings

This hands-on training course covers the skills to run meetings effectively. You will achieve more results in the same or less time!

The training focuses on coaching attendees, e.g. encouraging withdrawn participants to contribute, and on applying techniques to achieve measurable results. In doing so, it addresses certain behaviours that can make meetings less productive and run out of time.

Time management

You often want a lot and, in the process, you often have a lot to do. Both privately and professionally. You can influence some things, but not others. If you don't organise your own life, you run the risk of being lived by others. The principle of many around you is quite simple: it is 'yes' as long as you don't say 'no'. Recognisable right?

So the key is to bring order. Sometimes in chaos, sometimes to prevent chaos. Time management is the key word here. It really does make your life a lot clearer and less stressful.

Communicating effectively

This practice-oriented training course Effective Communicating covers the skills to communicate effectively. Would you like to get a better contact with others, both verbally and non-verbally, learn to understand others better? Then this is an excellent training course for you!

Various aspects of both verbal and non-verbal communication are covered and there is plenty of time for practising them. After all, you can read only about it without training. It also addresses your own pitfalls in this area: recognising them and 'handling' them.

OBM (Organizational Behavior Management)

Bringing out the best in people!

Increasingly, the importance of being able to steer behavioral changes in organizations is becoming clear, particularly with regard to the working atmosphere and performance. Based on the behavioral science called Applied Behavior Analysis, OBM is the application of this science in organizational settings. Using a 7-step protocol, OBM is targeted to measurably improve performance by focusing on behavior instead of just results. By this OBM takes a positive stance towards the design and implementation of organizational change.

The facts are both confrontational and undeniable. For decades repeated research by e.g. McKinsey has shown that a staggering 70% of organizational change programs fail to meet all their objectives.

In no less than 60% of those cases 'Behavior' is determined as the root cause. That is, a failure to get people to actually DO the things that the program aimed for.

Three major frustrations in boardrooms concerning behavioral change in organizations are:

Why don't they do what we agreed upon?

Why do our behavioral interventions not work out in a sustainable way?

How do we get them to do it anyway?

The solution with all the answers:

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)

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