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Where there are people, there are conflicts. Conflicts can seriously disrupt business and private relationships. Therefore, if people want or need to have a relationship with each other in the future, it is important to resolve conflict properly.

Best solution

The best solution for conflict resolution is mediation. The big difference with judges and arbitrators, for example, is that the mediator does not take a stand, does not come up with solutions and does not make decisions himself. You do that yourself and the mediator guides you in doing so. You actively participate and jointly seek a solution to the conflict. The mediator is impartial, neutral and independent.


Mediation is not about the past and everyone's point of view, but about the future and what is really important to you. The mediator helps you find your own solution to the conflict. Precisely because the parties come up with their own solution, they can continue to work together in the future. Experience figures indicate that over 80% of mediations are completed successfully.

Benefits of Mediation

Resolving a conflict with the help of a mediator:gives a more lasting result - after all, parties jointly agree on the solution to the conflict;improves or restores mutual understanding - you are once again talking to each other in a respectful way, which is more pleasant for you (and your supporters);is cheaper - parties jointly pay the costs.

Mediation is the best, fastest and cheapest way to a sustainable result!

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