ADR Mentor Assessment Registered Mediator

The ADR Mentor Assessment offers candidate and associate certificate holders of ADR Internation Register the opportunity to become a full certified professional via a Mentor Assessment after following a professional training.

Practical assessment of 2 years

The Mentor Assessment is a practical assessment based on a mentoring period of 2 consecutive calendar years.

The candidate or associate professional enters into a mentor relationship for 2 affiliated calendar years with a fully certified mediator or another professional approved by the ADR Register.

There are four formal test moments, namely after 6, 12, 18 and 24 months respectively. The test moments are aimed at guiding and stimulating the participant on content, process and procedures and are therefore 100% practice-oriented.

The mentor will adopt the final report after 24 months. The final report must be signed by 2 external witnesses.

Target audience

Candidate and ADR association professionals who want to achieve full certified status.

Professional guidance

During the mentoring period we offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with the mentor about the possibilities and obstacles experienced in carrying out the planned improvement actions.


The meetings preferably take place face2face, after all, during a mentoring session it is not just about the business / professional concerns. If desired, it is also possible to use video conferencing tools such as Skype.


The price of a Mentor Assessment is € 1095 excluding VAT or € 1195 free of VAT.

This price does not include travel costs of € 0.19 / km if the mentor has to travel more than 50 km one way from his place of residence, excluding location costs if the meetings do not take place at the candidate’s location and excluding ADR International Register contribution of € 250.


The mentors of Mediasi are all experienced professionals in the field of ADR. They are able to guide you during the 2-year period and coach you towards a successful end result.