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PSMI – Professional Services Mediasi & IT Education.

Professional Services

Organizational Change Management
Team Management (Team Development)
IT Service Management
IT Project Management
Compliance Management (ISO/IEC 27001)
Conflict Management

Business and family  mediations; also online. Conflict Coaching.
Provided by ADR Registered Mediators.

ADR Register accredited Mediation training, Soft Skills and Change Adoption skills trainings and workshops.
APMG accredited training OBM Foundation and OBM workshops.
Trainings for the disciplines Information Management, Project Management & Service Management.

Organizational Behavior Management


Method for optimizing organizational performance

OBM stands for Organizational Behavior Management. It is a scientifically proven method for optimizing organizational performance by combining a 7-step protocol with hard data and a focus on positive change of performers’ behaviors.

Increase your Changes’ success rate

The facts are both confrontational and undeniable. For decades repeated research by e.g. McKinsey has shown that a staggering 70% of organizational change programs fail to meet all their objectives.
In no less than 60% of those cases ‘Behavior’ is determined as the root cause. That is, a failure to get people to actually DO the things that the program aimed for.

Three major frustrations in boardrooms concerning behavioral change in organizations are:

  1. Why don’t they do what we agreed upon?
  2. Why do our behavioral interventions not work out in a sustainable way?
  3. How do we get them to do it anyway?

The solution from modern business administration with all the answers:
Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)

Increase your projects’ success rate with

Change Adoption Skills!

Structure a Change

Do you throw a new process description over the wall and expect people tomorrow to start the new way of working?
Or do you take the people in a Management or Change structure, give them the space to understand why something needs to be changed and follow together with them the development and delivery of the changed situation?

Adoption of the Change

Having the new apllication available is important. Actually using the new application is even more important. If you want the adoption to take place successfully, you will have to show interest in the people who have to work with it, understand what the change means to them and where any resistance comes from and then provide guidance and coaching, if needed on an individual basis.

Change Adoption Skills (CAS)

Trainingen CAS Foundation & Practitioner

The Change Adoption Skills (CAS) Foundation and Practitioner courses are aimed at implementing and adopting your organizational changes succesfully.

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