Online mediation

Online mediation is an expansion on traditional “face-to-face” mediation. Online mediation benefits from the power of the Internet to resolve issues more effectively and quickly.

By no means does this imply that the whole process needs to be conducted online.

Several studies show that, with the support of online mediation, a savings in time and costs of 30% is feasible. In addition to higher satisfaction among the parties than with traditional “face-to-face” mediation.

We make use of the Juripax technology. This very user friendly and proven system is used among others by the Raad van Rechtspraak and meets all requirements of ADR Register and MfN. All posts and comments are available only within the system enclosure that confidentiality is guaranteed.

All our online mediations conducted in accordance with the terms of ADR Register or NfN. This means that also here a mediation agreement is drafted and that the mediator works according to the ADR Register or MfN Rules.


Advantages of online mediation

  • Faster and cheaper (up to 30% savings in time and money)
  • Participants decide for themselves when and where it is convenient for them to participate
  • No emotional confrontation due to the physical presence of the other party
  • Many participants feel more at ease sharing their concerns with the privacy offered
  • Enhanced effectiveness through better preparation and reflection
  • Creating a more equal and level playing field and enhancing party autonomy
  • Focus on conflict prevention (de-escalation, mitigation of damages, customer retention, etc.).


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