Labour dispute

The figures are clear: 30% of sick leave is caused by psychological problems – about a quarter of this group calls in sick because of a labour dispute. A conflict itself is almost never directly a reason to stop work. The escalation of the conflict is what causes illness or sick leave

Labour disputes between an employee and a supervisor are quite expensive. Besides the cost of replacement there are additional costs caused by lost time, stress, decreased production and poor motivation. In addition, there can be the costs for legal assistance and redundancy.

In business much is  to be gained by properly handling conflicts. Besides a reduction of costs the proper management of conflicts avoids a lot of  suffering and frustration.

A mediator is  a neutral person trained in dealing with conflicts and will seek a mutually acceptable solution. A lawyer defends the interests of its customers and will strive for maximum satisfaction for the customer Experience shows that when lawyers are involved in a conflict almost always the employment is terminated. . A win – win situation is much more likely when a professional mediator.

The contents of a mediation is confidential. Consulting a mediator can prevent reputation damage.

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